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CalPEHL Home Loans by Quality Funding Mortgage, LLC of California

  30 Year Fixed Rate  
  15 Year Fixed Rate  
4.992% APR
  * 0 Points

  * Reduced Third Party Fees
  * Quick Close
  * Free Rate Quote
  * 30 Day Lock
4.406% APR
  * 0 Points

  * Reduced Third Party Fees
  * Quick Close
  * Free Rate Quote
  * 30 Day Lock

Our own Public Employee Home Loan program (PEHL) was designed specifically for all Public Employees that may or may not be a Member of the CalPERS or CalSTRS retirement systems. While Members of the CalPERS and CalSTRS systems automatically qualify please see a list of qualified job descriptions or contact one of our loan officers for complete details on the programs and qualification. More information on the PEHL Program may be found here: CalPEHL Program Page

Summer Home PictureWe've been providing California's public employees with great rates and the best customer service with programs such as the CalPERS Home Loan Program, CalSTRS Home Loan Program, and CalPEHL Program for the refinance and purchase of real estate since 1999. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of low interest rates and an exceptional real estate market. Use our web site to Apply Online, use our Mortgage Tools, view our Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us.

What sets us above the rest is our personalized service and our goal to provide CalPERS Members, CalSTRS Members, and many other public employees competitive rates and fees for their real estate financing needs. The CalPEHL Home Loan is a great program for any active or inactive member of CalPERS, LRS, JRS System I and II, and retirees. The CalPEHL Program offer significantly reduced rates and fees for those whose employment involves public service. We make refinancing or purchasing a home simple. CalPERS Home Loans have many advantages, besides very competitive rates and fees other benefits include the CalPERS Personal Loan* and up to 90 day locks. Our approach is simple, our CalPERS Certified loan officers are experienced professionals and when a request for a Rate Quote, or a Mortgage Application is received, your loan officer analyzes your request and contacts you quickly to discuss your options. Whether you seek a mortgage for a refinance or purchase having a Certified CalPERS Mortgage Consultant assist you ensures a quality experience. You receive calls and/or emails from only one person. We have a physical location, as well. We are not strictly limited to the internet so if you are more comfortable meeting your loan officer in person please feel free to call for an appointment.

Our process is streamlined and most refinance mortgages may be funded within 20 days, purchases in 15 days. We currently only lend within California and have a network of appraisers and title companies in every area of the state. Our rates are usually posted by 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Please contact one of our mortgage consultants for a rate quote and to obtain a Good Faith Estimate. Fees can vary due to credit scores and equity, and are subject to change.

Whatever your residential financing needs, we will provide a loan that's right for you:

  • CalPERS Home Loans
  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Limited Down Payment
  • Home Improvement
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Up to 100% Financing*
  • CalPERS Personal Loans for Down Payment Assistance*
Equal Housing Lender

To apply for a CalPEHL Home Loan please complete the online loan application! A CalPEHL Mortgage Consultant will contact you within one business day.

*CalPEHL Mortgage interest rates are subject to change unless locked.

*Rates quoted on are for primary residences with 20% equity and credit score above 700.

*For other scenarios please contact us directly as we do have options for Second Homes and Investment Properties.

*For details, please refer to our CalPEHL Home Loan Program page.

Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate Broker's License #01871737

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